Saturday, 8 February 2014

Thunderball: European Posters

Overview of European Thunderball posters. Comments and corrections welcome.

Thanks to Thomas and Anders for their help.


Anonymous said...

These resumes of all the posters are really quite stunning and exhaustively collated.
Splendid stuff.

Anonymous said...

120-160, 60-80 and 160-240 in two parts ,all printed by Saint Martin,are for the first french release in 1965. This is noticed in the french campaign book (manuel d'exploitation) .

Dauscher said...

the french posters printed by KARCHER are for the latest re-release ,probably 1987.Since the nineties,they weren't others re-release in theaters ,in France, for a Bond film.
120-160,60-40 approx.,160-60 pantalon and probably a large one 400-300 in eight sheet.The first and the second are reprint from the original 60-80.
Since the mid sixties,Lalande-Courbet and Saint Martin have been printing all the ofset "posters"in France and this for more than twenty years .