Thursday, 28 August 2014

Spanish Diamonds Are Forever Lobby Cards

Lobby cards from Spain for "Diamantes Para La Eternidad" (Diamonds Are Forever), original set of 10 of from 1971
Reissue set of 10 lobby cards.
Mystery cards: I've found two cards with the Spabnish spelling of the title that differ from the above. Does anyone know where these are from?


Simon said...

Goodness me.

That second of the two mystery cards is a bit risque!

And it is clearly a production shot as the light deflectors can be seen in the background - if the eyes ever stray that far...

Eduardo said...

The pair is together with the another ten. They're from 1983 reissue movie. The whole set includes 12 lobby cards.

Peter Lorenz said...

Thank you Eduardo!