Saturday, 7 March 2015

James Bond Watercolour Art

James Bond book tribute artwork by Gerald Wadsworth. He is creating watercolours for all books. Check out his work here.


Gerald Wadsworth said...

“Never Send a Man Where You Can Send A Bullet”
…in which Bond goes clandestine and “off the record” to find, identify, and deliver final judgment upon three hitmen and their boss, Von Hammerstein - an ex-Gestapo thug, turned head of Counter Intelligence for Batista - who had murdered close personal friends of M in Jamaica. Bond mulls over his assignment - he had no personal motive - it was just his job, as it was the job of a pest control officer to kill rats. He was the public executioner appointed by M to avenge the victims…

Thanks, everyone!

Gerry Wadsworth

teeritz said...

These are brilliant! Thanks for posting them up.

Gerald Wadsworth said...

Thanks, Teeritz! I am currently working on the "Hildebrand Rarity" story from the book "For your eyes Only" that has 5 short stories. Hope to have that up on the linked site soon.

Cheers to all you Bond fans out there!

Gerry Wadsworth

Anonymous said...

Gerry, your work is awesome! I love that it's not a poster, but truly original interpretive work drawing on and inspired by the content within an 007 novel. I'd love to see more of your work posted here!