Monday, 31 August 2015

Never Say Never again: Swedish Poster Artwork

The following images illustrate the creative process of creating artwork  for the Swedish poster for "Never Say Never Again" by artist Adrian Purkis.
1) First rough sketches to experiment with different ideas and compositions.

2) Then one idea is refined from a rough sketch to more detailed rendering.

3) These are the final black/white rendering, the full colour artwork and how it was used in the poster.

Big thanks to Thomas from The Nixdorf Collection for sharing these!


Dan Gale said...

Everything explodes outwards from his groin. I love it.
I wish these sorts of roughs (really rough!) were still available for other posters, I've seen Licence to Kill roughs but these are the only others.
Nice find, Peter and Thomas!

Anonymous said...

So amazing that these sketches have been saved.

/ Stephan