Sunday, 22 November 2015

Spectre Artwork

Two illustrations for "Spectre" by an unknown (at least to me) artist. Thanks to Simon for finding this!


Simon said...


Just want to iterate, I have no idea if there is anything remotely official about these. More, these were passed on to Peter out of interest and appreciation as opposed to anything else.

But they are rather lovely, and if they were official, I would actually step outside of my English language only interests to pick these up.

Dan Gale said...

If they ARE official (which seems unlikely as they don't emphasise any of the big star names involved), then they totally deflate the ridiculous over-simplicity of the western posters. If only one element of these (the logo? The shadow?) was also woven in to the western Spectre posters, they'd be an improvement. But alas! I fear the days of Bond posters designed in advance without being cobbled together at the last moment using publicity photos have long since passed.