Thursday, 2 February 2017

Mystery Dr. No Lobby Card - Help, please

Help, please: I found this image a while ago and I'm not sure what it is. It looks like a French "Dr No" lobby card but does not resemble any French or Swiss lobby cards that I know (see below). 

Does anyone know where this is from? Thank you.


teeritz said...

Could it have been made for some other French-speaking country? Or perhaps a regional cinema in France? I only ask because that still is not a scene from the film, but looks more like a behind the scenes shot. Just guessing.

Nick Nicholson said...

With "Jagt" and "Contre" on the same sheet, my guess would be Belgium.

Phil The Shark said...

Belgian Titles used the wors "Contre" (french) and "Tegen" (dutch). This mix of french and german words would rather be for Luxembourg.

Simon said...

I think the only card Peter is interested in comment on is the top one of Connery holding the watch.

IF that is so, then the only words of 'interest' are 'dans' (in) and 'contre' (against). Both of which are French.

Why are we discussing the other words which I believe to be on the lobby cards of whose country origin we are sure?

Anyway, this would tend towards France or another French-only speaking country... Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Is the back blank? I have also have a strange one in French and it's from Thailand, mine is printed with an ad on the back.