Thursday, 30 March 2017

Shredded Wheat Promo

Artwork created for promotional cards for "Octopussy". These were included in "Shredded Wheat" breakfast cereal boxes. 


Simon said...

Hmm. Takes me back to days when I dropped in on supermarkets and opened the cereal packets to get the stickers.

dan craig said...

I remember sending off for these back in 83 they came 6 weeks later stickers and some cards with stories on the back. The same year I fan wrote Roger Moore and received an autographed photo addressed from Pinewood studios. It was one of Moore surrounded by the Octopussy girls.2 Weeks later another one arrived of Moore in his 007 chair from the set of LALD .I think they forgot they already responded to me once and someone accidentially did it . The Bond promotions have been fun over the years.