Monday, 21 August 2017

Operazione Tuono Posters from Italy

10 variations of the Italian locandina poster for "Operazione Tuono" (Thunderball). 

I'm puzzled by the many variations that exist. Some variations are obvious such as the blue title of the changing distributor logos. Other appear to be different print runs which all have variations in terms of positions and the fine print at the bottom. 


Simon said...

Good grief.

Who was responsible for identifying all those variants? And, is that the understood and defined number of variants, or are people still counting?

Nice layout sir.

Peter Lorenz said...

That would have been me ;-)
I started to download a copy every time I find a version online and compare them with the existing ones. And the collection grew over time. I bet there are more.

Simon said...

Fair play indeed. Impressed.

Anonymous said...

The last copy with the MGM/UA logo is a paste over. The MGM/UA logo was peeled from a sheet of them and stuck on over a quantity of the reissue locadinas that were stored in the UA warehouse in New York. This was done in the early 1980's and most likely the stickers have turned yellow from the dried glue and have fallen off.

Stefan Archetti said...

The original Italian 1st release posters up until 1967 (Dr No to Thunderball) should have the United Artists logo as well as the Italian distributor Dear Film logo. The later rerelease posters after 1967 dropped the Dear Film logo and as Transamerica Corporation purchased United Artists in 1967 a new logo debuted incorporating the parent company's striped T emblem and the tagline "Entertainment from Transamerica Corporation". This wording was later shortened to "A Transamerica Company".