Saturday, 14 May 2011

German Paperback Cover

Artwork for a German paperback edition of "Dr No" by Superkrimi publishers.
Thanks to Dan for sharing this scan!


Aidas said...

And who is the artist?

Anonymous said...

Robert McGinnis

Dan Gale said...

Is that a guess or do we know for sure?

donna said...

I filmed video of this original McGinnis painting at Bob McGinnis's studio while I was filming my documentary on McGinnis.
Paul Jilbert

Keir said...

I just came back after taking my Grade 11 history class to Berlin; was walking down the same part of Wilhelmstrasse as Bond in 'The Living Daylights' which I was listening to on my ipod at that very time!
I'd love to find a copy of the book Bond reads whilst biding his time before shooting the sniper- Verderbt, Verdammt, Verraten. "The prefix 'ver' siginifed that the girl had not only been ruined, damned and betrayed, but that she has suffered these misfortunes most thoroughly. James Bond temporarily lost himself in the tribulations of the heroine, Gräfin Liselotte Mutzenbacher..."