Tuesday, 5 June 2012

James Bond Book Covers

Cover artwork for the upcoming reissue of the Ian Fleming James Bond 007 novels (as eBooks) by Random House. Does anyone know who designed them?


BrittReid said...

Don't know who designed them, but I don't like them.
In partcular the OHMSS cover doesn't follow-through with the Union Jack color motif and losing half the word each for "Secret" and "Service" makes no sense.
Why is "Goldfinger" broken into "Gold" "Fin" "Ger" instead of "Gold" "Finger"?
While using the same basic font for all of them isn't a bad concept, the choice is bland and the graphic fx are only so-so.
The Michael Gillette covers were far more evocative.

Steven said...

A Major disappointment.

It looks like someone's spent 5 minutes thinking about them.

Scandalous, really.

Brian A. Dixon said...

According to Suzanne Dean, Creative Director for Random House, these covers were the work of multiple house artists striving to emulate the work of famed graphic designer and poster artist Saul Bass. She's quoted at the Vintage Books website explaining, "The Vintage designers created two to three covers each, and there was a real sense of excitement amongst the team to create one cohesive and iconic series look for such an iconic character."

Dan Gale said...

Not the best ever but a million times more creative than Penguin's library stock press photo covers from 2004 which were laughably crap.

BrittReid said...

"...these covers were the work of multiple house artists striving to emulate the work of famed graphic designer and poster artist Saul Bass..."

If Bass had the same things done to him that Felix Leiter had happen in Live and Let Die, he could still have done better designs than these (and that would be with a hook for his drawing hand).

I'd hate to see the rejected versons.

Steven said...

The Random House creative team should feel ashamed of themselves. These designs are just hackneyed rubbish.

Saul Bass has been done to death everywhere, and that particular style is just a small part of Bass' portfolio - look at his (relatively) more recent work with Scorsese for instance. What RH have created is a sub-standard Bass pastiche. They're completely missing the point.

A few years ago there was a YouTube clip doing the rounds of a 'Star Wars' title sequence done in a 'Saul Bass' style. It was a fairly lazy, cheap and predictable mid-50s period Bass illustrative style take-off. The same is happening here.

As any CD worth his/her salt knows, pastiche is the first place to go when you've got no ideas.

Where is the soul of these books? Where is the light and shade? Where is the worldly feel of these stories? This creative solution makes every novel look like it has the same tone of voice.

Why did they not try to create something original?

Anonymous said...

Not a lot of creativity here, cheap looking. Sad

Perdogg said...

I don't like them either. Very uninspiring. I think the person who designed them got fired from Starbucks after drinking up all of the expresso and eating all of the chocolate cover coffee beans.