Wednesday, 27 June 2012

McGinnis Beach Reconstruction

Reproduction of the Thunderball Beach artwork by Robert McGinnis. Gouache on artboard, 80 x 60 cm.
This particular artwork proved to be quite challenging due to size of the figures. The heads are quite small compared to the rest of the painting.Painting pupils the size of a felt-tip pen takes a quite steady hand. Copy and original as comparison below.
Before I start painting, I analyse the source picture and original photos that were used in the composition. Then I paint the heads first as they are the most important and also tricky part.I start with mapping out the black areas such the hair and eyes with black ink.
Once the heads are painted, I map out the light and dark parts of the bodies always starting with the components that are furthest back in the image to ensure seamless overlays with the front elements.
Then follows the water. I admire McGinnis for his approach of mixing finely detailed elements such as the faces with broad and loose strokes for the water - and it works perfectly.