Friday, 30 August 2013

Licence to Kill Concept Art by Tom Jung

Tom Jung biographer Jack O'Brien about the history of these sketches for Licence to Kill:

"As they often did at the time, Ad veteran Don Smolen and Tom met for lunch in Los Angeles during the filming of Licence to Kill.  

Don told Tom that they were filming another Bond film, Licence Revoked, in the Caribbean "somewhere" and that Al Broccoli had asked him to work with the on set unit photographer.  Don asked Tom if he could help with concepts for the shoot with the star, Timothy Dalton, for the ad campaign.

Tom agreed and created seventeen quick black and white sketches for Don with limited reference material and handed them over to him while he was still in LA.  Don and Tom never discussed the sketches after this and Tom is unsure how they were exactly used.  But given the delays that were encountered developing the ad campaign due to the title change, it is possible and maybe likely they went back to the photographs that Don and Tom had worked on to develop the final key art. 

Thanks to Tom Jung and Jack O'Brien for sharing the sketches and information!" More info about Tom's work here.