Saturday, 4 January 2014

Italian Lobby Cards for Thunderball

Italian lobby cards called "photobusta" for "Operazione Tuono" (Thunderball). Original set of 8 normal sized photobustas plus 4 double sized ones.
Reissue set of 6 photobustas from 1971 (Give or take...)

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David Morefield said...

Proof you didn't need Photoshop to do nutty image manipulations back in the day. In the top image, they give Connery a bright blue suit and vest with white pants, which looks ridiculous. The color's closer to correct in the last image, but they ruined it by airbrushing out the knife, so it looks like Connery's screwing his right forearm back into place. Or maybe thinking, "Must...resist...urge to punch...producers!"