Saturday, 11 January 2014

Turkish Never Say Never Again Artwork

Original artwork and release poster for "Never Say Never Again". Art by Ă–mer Muz. Thanks to Omer for sharing these! Check out his pages here.


Anonymous said...

Sean Connery, Kim Bassinger, then Alec McCowen in the credits.

This is relating to the first of the two artworks, but I do wonder what world would miss Brandauer and Von Sydow from the credits, and leap directly to McCowen...


Peter Lorenz said...

I think the first artwork is the original with several of the glued-on credits missing. But what is the strange tower thing in the bottom right corner?

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I must admit I wondered the same but put it down to my not remembering the tower in this little seen film (for me) or, that I just couldn't make out the art in this image.
As far as I remember, there isn't any tower in the film.
But then there wasn't any Bofors type gun in Live and Let Die either, yet a publicity still made it into the artwork for this film poster too.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone realises there is
NO Star Wars' speeder bike in the
film Never Say Never Again, even
if this poster art clearly has one..