Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Diamonds Are Forever: British Quad Variations

Two different versions of the UK Quad poster for "Diamonds Are Forever". Does anybody know which is original and which is the reprint?

Thanks to Simon for bringing this up!


Anonymous said...

Diamonds are Forever was not rated AA so I suspect the right hand one is not genuine.

Peter Lorenz said...

The second "A" looks a bit hand-drawn indeed but the soundtrack box looks quite genuine to me. Any other opinions?

Dan Gale said...

Ironically, the rating for this film in the UK has recently gone up for the Blu-Ray. After years of being an A (modernised as PG), it has now gone up to a 12, ie over 12s only, even though the offending moments (bikini strangulation, "bitch!", piton in forehead and firey death of a homosexual in oven gloves) have been seen on UK TV on Sunday afternoons for years.

The original was an A. An AA rating meant no-one under 15 could see it. I suspect the extra A was added by a nervous cinema owner, like the extra bikini parts painted on to later posters.

Anonymous said...

on ebay.com the quad with single A is a re release quad 1984.
the mention "original soundtrack" doesn't appear.

Simon said...

The reason for the hand drawn aspect is only because the second A, like the Soundtrack information, was sniped.

The snipes were removed and restoration took place.

It is certainly a genuine quad.


Also one can see this in Heritage Auctions archive.


Greg Tanner said...

Hi. I'm slightly (!) late to this thread, but I have a DAF UK quad that I bought in 1982. It has the certificate 'AA' printed on it, but one A is covered with a small white sticker. Any ideas...?

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind me commenting so long after the original post.

Strictly speaking, BBFC ratings are advisory: it is local authorities who have the legal responsibility for deciding who can be admitted to cinema showings of films. It is very rare for local authorities not to use the BBFC's rating, but it has sometimes happened. Could that be the case here?

Steven Flanagan