Sunday, 27 July 2014

European Diamonds Are Forever Posters

Overview of the European posters for "Diamonds Are Forever", Artwork by Robert McGinnis. Thanks to Simon and Anders for their help and additions.

Starting with:British Quad and Double Crowns including the Marler Haley photo-montage posters.
The posters from Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Is there a version from Norway?
Diamantenfieber: German Din A1 and A0 posters. A small curiosity: One of the first print runs omitted to mention the director Guy Hamilton which was corrected by adding a sticker to the poster. Later print runs corrected this mistake.
Les Diamants Sont Eternels: French "Petit Affiche, Moyenne and Grande plus the large "8 Panneaux".
Una Cascata Di Diamanti: Italian Locandinas, 2 Foglio and the 4 Foglio consisting of two parts.Modified artwork by an unknown artist.