Sunday, 25 January 2015

FRWL Poster Tribute

Fictional "From Russia With Love" poster in the style of Thunderball. As an illustration fan, I was never quite keen on the US photo advertising campaign for "From Russia With Love" - although it was ground-braking for it's time. 

How would the campaign have looked if UA had hired McCarthy and McGinnis to do the job? Probably a bit more refined than this ;-) Still: It was fun to do.


Bob said...

Unfortunately, the age of movie poster art is almost a thing of the past. Great artwork.

Pat said...

Really nice. Although it would have been nice to see the sniper shot with the mouth opening!

But I digress. Wonderful job!

Dan Gale said...

In all seriousness, would there be rules about you getting prints made of this and selling it? I would love this as a 40"x27" and I'm certain others would, too.


Peter Lorenz said...

Hello Dan,

I'm happy to sell a print to you. When I tried this before the feedback was modest so I stopped. Feel free to contact me via email and we figure out the details.

Have a good weekend,


Mark said...

Greatartwork! Thanks for sharing this.

Mark said...

Greatartwork! Thanks for sharing this.

Christian said...


I too am interested in a print of this. Can you provide me with an email address? Or email me at