Friday, 9 January 2015

James Bond Audio Book Covers

Cover artwork for the new James Bond audio books by Audible.


Bram said...

Any credits for the designer/illustrator?

Dan Gale said...

These are much nicer than the previous uninspired white covers. It's obvious that some of the silohuettes were traced over figures from photos or film posters (the Thunderball frogman battle for instance) but they're a bit more flavoursome than most of even the paperbacks have been for done time.

Steven Aspinall said...

Not for me, I'm afraid.

Yet another Saul Bass pastiche. It seems that no one can design anything original any more.


Dan Gale said...

Oh, I don't deny its not a Bass rip-off! But it's the least pathetic Bass rip-off of the ones offered, it knocks Vintage's paperbacks out of the park and it's certainly an improvement on the 'pale faces of the people reading it' covers from 2012.
It's not perfect but it at least (possibly) suggests the designer was listening to the CDs as they designed them.

Ps Note the silhouette of Bond on Octopussy is taken from the Coronet movie tie-in cover art for For Your Eyes Only! :)