Wednesday, 11 November 2009

For Your Eyes Only Comic Adaptation

Cover artwork for the 1981 movie adaptation of "For Your Eyes Only" by Marvel Comics. Artwork by Howard Chaykin.


Anonymous said...

I remember buying this in the UK when it came out in 1981. The UK version was one magazine with both parts included, and featured the same cover art work as the American volume one.

David said...

I'll always remember the magazine version for the text piece in the back, where mention is made of co-star Cassandra Harris, who we learn is married to an "up and coming actor" by the name of Pierce Brosnan.

Joe Menta said...

Even being a relatively new Bond fan back in those days, I sort of rolled my eyes that Marvel tried to adapt a two hour-plus movie into a two-issue, 44-page adaptation (22 pages per issue). The pre-credits sequence with the helicopter was actually squeezed into two pages if I remember! A year or so before, "The Empire Strikes Back" got a whopping six full issues for its comics adaptation.

Beto said...

Hi there Mr. Lorenz!
First of all I must warn you that my english isn't the best you could find here in Brazil, anyway, I think it will work for congratulating you for your wonderful blog! I just loved it! So many pictures, so many art works collected that I almost lost myself in time appreciating it!
I'm sure you're one of the most dedicated 007 fans I've have come across in the internet! Do you have some material (such as images of books) from Brazil? I could help you if you wish! ;)
Good luck with the blog!
See you!
Erasmo (Araraquara - São Paulo - Brasil)

Peter Lorenz said...

Hello Erasmo, thank you for your nice comments! I'm very interested in books from Brazil, happy to get in contact. Please feel free to contact me via my normal email in my profile. Looking forward to your email!


rich said...

I had heard of James Bond ... but this two-part comic was my first exposure to the character, so they must have done something right. I've been a Bond fan ever since.

Glenn Hewett said...

I bought these two at a comic shop for four dollars ( AUS) each about 17 years ago and I actually still have them. They are my prized collection in my comics collection as well as my Bond collection.