Thursday, 13 March 2014

You Only Live Twice Poster from around the World

Poster for "You Only Live Twice" from Asia-Pac and South America. Comments, corrections and additions welcome.


Anonymous said...


A few corrections on the Japanese posters:

The STB with the full length Bond is the advance version.

The 20x29 on the lower right is a advance poster.

The 20x29 on the upper right is a 1970's reissue.

The 40x29 I've never seen in this size; I know it exists as a 20x29 with 2 variations. One version has the full "Sean Connery IS James Bond" tag across the bottom; the variation does not. It just has the title with Bond standing between the TWICE.

Peter Lorenz said...

Thank you Anonymous!

My knowledge about Japanese posters is pretty limited and information on the net can be pretty conflicting.

Hiroki said...


When it comes to Japanese YOLT posters, maybe I can offer you some correction.

The one you marked B1 is actually B2. The bluish B4 is B2. So there are 4 different B2s including the re-issue.

Peter Lorenz said...

@ Hiroki: Thank you you for the corrections about the Japanese posters! Much appreciated.