Sunday, 9 March 2014

You Only Live Twice: US Posters

Overview of US posters for "You Only Live Twice" ranging fro the half sheet and insert up to the 2 variations of the 24 sheet. Comments and corrections welcome.


Anonymous said...

The 1-sheet marked as a "1980" reissue is wrong. The Bond films were NEVER part of the 1980 UA reissue campaign. The reissue 1-sheet is from 1983, along with Dr. No, FRWL, Goldfinger, Tball, and OHMSS. If you look closely at the reissue, it appears the original art was re-photographed. The original canvas panel was bent vertically and partly repainted to fix the damage. The damage on the left side of the art, down the autogyro's exhaust and the sky behind it, is noticeable on the original 1967 1-sheet but it's VERY noticeable on the reissue 1-sheet.

The Benton window card is neither original or reissue. It was made in the 1980's from a pressbook ad for collectors. It never saw the inside of a theatre.

Peter Lorenz said...

Thanks Anonymous. Question is: What were the 1983 posters printed for? Was it a commercial project to be sold in shops or something similar?

Anonymous said...

My best knowledge for the 1983 1-sheets is this; Cubby Broccoli was very angry and afraid that NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN would do better than OCTOPUSSY. If NSNA started to make more money than OCTOPUSSY, he was going to retaliate by reissuing double features of the older Bonds; a Connery and a Moore together on double bills. Broccoli had UA reprint the old 1-sheets and have new lobby cards made for each film. NSNA was released, it did ok but not better than OCTOPUSSY, so the whole idea was scrapped leaving piles of new 1-sheets sitting around the UA warehouse, which of course started to quickly leak out into collectors hands.

Close examination of the reissue 1-sheets will show that DR. NO and FRWL were shot from original folded 1-sheets. TBALL, OHMSS from either 30x40's or 40x60's. GF was entirely redone and is the easiest to spot. YOLT is part reshot 1-sheet and part newly photographed art. DAF, LALD, MWTGG were never reprinted since UA had a quantity of eastern hemisphere 1-sheets on hand. SPY, MOONRAKER and FEYO were regular NSS 1-sheets.

Besides the 1-sheets and lobby cards, ad mats with the double features were also prepared and also scrapped.

These 1-sheets are often lumped in with legitimate 1980 UA reissues for international release like MAGNIFICENT 7, THE GREAT ESCAPE, FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE, etc.

Peter Lorenz said...

Thanks you Anonymous, that would explain the uncut poster with both GF and OHMSS printed on the same sheet. Guess I will call these versions reprints instead of reissues from now on.

Mel said...

Great job as usual. Have you seen the other versions of the first teaser A?

Mel said...

Please delete prior entry - posted wrong link.

I believe four versions were progressively printed as shown on this GIF and theaters were supposed to post them in order:

Feel free to post that on your blog (no need to credit me). I am sure I've seen a totally blank version but I can't find the image now.

Peter Lorenz said...

Thank you Mel!